Types of translation

Editing & proofreading - your texts will have the grammar and style streamlined.

Express translations - will be delivered within several hours or days.

Certified translations - will be certified by us themselves since we are registered as sworn translators - the customers will receive their documents authenticated by the Translator's Statement with the statutory round seal. Such translations are available in all the languages we offer.

Professional & technical translations - cover directives, manuals, machinery programs, safety data sheets, and the like. When a translator on a job calls the customer (often repeatedly) wishing to be enlightened on what was meant, it cannot be considered a lack of skill, but a proof of his or her intent to gain a deep insight into the subject and to address possible inconsistencies and language problems even before they emerge.

Translations processed in Adobe InDesign - We are one of a few translating offices that are ready to make translations directly in the Adobe InDesign professional format. The customer's documents will retain their format and the customer will save time that his graphic studio would otherwise need to incorporate the text into the graphic pattern. In this case the documents will have to be given to us Adobe InDesign formatted.

Translations for regular customers - out team of translators is not especially large - in consequence, our loyal customers may feel confident that their jobs will always be done by the same person, well versed in their special topics and terminology - certainly a practice ensuring consistency.