Prices of translations

Per one Standard Page (SP) of translation in CZK* RATE
Czech ® foreign language (personal & general texts with no technical aspects) 430
Czech ® foreign language (technical texts, manuals, instructions) 470
Czech ® foreign language (advanced scientific texts, legal documents) 500
Foreign language ® Czech (personal & general texts with no technical aspects) 430
Foreign language ® Czech (technical texts, manuals, instructions) 470
Foreign language ® Czech (advanced scientific texts, legal documents) 500
Poorly legible texts, substandard originals +30%
Use of graphics editors and/or spreadsheet processors +30%
Inclusion of pictures; scanning (if demanded); graphics adjustments +50%
Weekend jobs  +50 %
Holiday jobs +100%
Express translations (always to be first agreed) +50%

The Minimum price of translations is 250 CZK + VAT.

*)  1 SP is a page containing 1800 characters with spaces, an equivalent of thirty lines with sixty characters each, or about 250 words of plain text.

Electronic word processors offer a simple method: the number of characters with spaces is divided by 1800; in MS Word, for example, the figure can be found under Tools; in the versions of MS Word 2007 and 2010 under Word count on the Revision tab.



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