What does "SP" stand for?

SP is Standard Page, i.e. a page of text consisting of 1800 characters with spaces. The concept of standard pages makes the volume of text independent of the font size and line spacing. The number of characters with spaces can be read from MS Word (Tools - Word Count - Characters with Spaces). Alternatively, you may copy the text to the "Check the Volume of Your Text" box available on our homepage.

How does the length of original relate to the length of translation?

The relationship may differ for different languages. One SP in Czech will translate into 1.1 SP of English. As regards German, one Czech SP will produce 1.3 SP of German text.

What is it the "certified (official / forensic) translation?

The certified translation is accompanied by the Translator's Statement issued by a sworn translator and provided with his/her official (round) seal. The text of translation, the original document (or its copy authenticated by a notary public) and the Statement are inseparably attached together.

What is the daily output of a translator?

A professional translator can produce typically 8 to 10 standard pages a day, but just a half the volume or twice the volume are not exceptional.