Interpreting equipment

Do you need mikes, earphones or other items? We can supply interpreting aids and other items of conference equipment - either as a part of out interpreting services or as a lease separately granted.

Send us your inquiry and we will contact you immediately. Do you wish to know the price of interpreting at a specific event? ? Contact us, for example, through e-mail or the online communication box available on this page.

What data we need you to provide

The more specific items of information we receive from you, the more accurate price quotation we will be able to submit:

  • number of listeners supposed to need headphones;
  • number of wireless mikes for lecturers and discussion participants;
  • the size of hall where the event is to be held;
  • is the hall equipped with a sound wiring system (e.g. loudspeakers)?
  • what is the expected number of target languages?
  • and other data to be specified while the price quotation is being developed.

Conference & interpreting equipment and related services

  • interpreter's booths and sound systems for halls;
  • light interpreter's devices (the "whispering sets");
  • conference equipment and auxiliary services.