Our services will be appreciated particularly by exacting industrial customers who consider the quality of written and spoken word to be the sine qua non of any technically oriented job. As we put quality before speed, our daily output is just about 10 standard pages of technical text. We offer translations, editing and interpreting from the above-specified foreign languages to Czech and vice versa. The group of our customers comprises typically subsidiaries of international corporations, manufacturers, municipalities and individuals seeking reliable translations of documents and other official papers. As a matter of course we provide also certified (a.k.a. sworn or forensic) translations between the offered languages.

Our technical translations encompass:

  • comprehensive technical manuals, instruction handbooks, data sheets, etc...
  • but also everyday business correspondence and in-house materials;
  • customer software;
  • websites;
  • all types of certified translations (birth certificates, school-leaving certificates, notarial deeds, memorandums of association, medical reports, ...); and
  • contracts.

As a standard, all our translations (save for those known as the "working translations") undergo some basic editing without any surcharges added.

Other Categories: